Fruit trees are available throughout the year at Afralia Flora Nursery.

  How to Grow Apples| South Africa Climate Requirements Apple are Originally a temperate Plant s, which does well in regions which do not experience very high temperatures that’s why in South Africa it is mainly grown in the Cap

How to Grow Peach Fruit Trees Ahhh, Peaches!! They are one of the sweet and juicy gems of late summer. Fast growing peach trees, will reward you with golden peaches, in just a few years. They are, however, highly susceptible to both insect inf

 Orange Trees available from Afralia Flora Nursery. Oranges are easy to grow.

 There is no better summer fruit than the humble apricot, especially if it’s grown on your own tree. Supermarket apricots lack the intense flavour – to be honest, they lack any flavour – and more often than not they’re heavily bruised an

Kumquat trees are family of the citrus group and are excellent value to your fruit needs. They make excellent pot plants and are therefor an ideal gift for any occasion. Afralia Flora have kumquat trees in stock.  Ask your assistant for ways to

Botanist recognize the lemon tree by its proper name Citrus limon but even the humble home gardener can appreciate them.  This thorny tree grows on average between 10 to 20 feet tall. It is cultivated all over the world and is used for culinary

 Afralia Flora Nursery collection of various fruit trees available

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