We supply frost cover / crop cover at wholesale prices per meter ,so your plants can survive the cold this winter.Frost cover provides a barrier between frost and yor plants to prevent frost damage.We advise you to cover all cold sensitive plants so they look beautiful come spring.

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''Soil, warmed by the sun in the daytime, is the source of heat for frost protection at night.  Moist, smooth soil absorbs more heat.  To trap heat from the soil around young vegetables at night, place a covering that is low to the ground and spreading.  To recharge the heat source for the next night, any covering must allow sunlight to shine through to the soil or must be removed in the daytime.

Floating row covers are lightweight fabrics that lay directly over crops.  Because they transmit light, they provide crop protection over an extended period of time without being removed.  They provide 3 to 5 degrees of frost protection, cut wind on tender plants, and screen out some insects.  On insect pollinated crops, covers must be removed for pollination to occur.  [Figure 2]

Floating row covers are popular in commercial vegetable production where crops planted in large blocks are easily covered with row covers.  Many brands and fabric types are commercially available.''

Info :   -Colorado Master Gardener

Colorado State University

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